Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1st Holy Communion Hankies

What do you give a kid when they receive their 1st Holy Communion?  I remember getting gold crosses and believe it or not statues!  Money is always nice, but I thought hankies would be a good alternative and can still carry some sentiment and you can always use them.  I have a collection of hankies for all over the world and they hold up great.

These were such a bargain for me.  I bought a six pack of men's handkerchiefs at Target for $4.99, which was perfect because I had six kids I wanted to give these to.  It came to a whopping .83 each (ok, I didn't figure out taxes, so let's say a buck each).  These are hard to see because they are white material with white thread, but hopefully you can make it out.  Maybe if you click on the picture it will get bigger and you can see the detail.
 For the boys, I used the handkerchief as is and just embroidered their name, the Eucharist and their date of their Communion.
 Here is the design on the machine.
For the girls, I used the scallop stitch on my machine (I starched the hankie first), then I carefully cut out the scallop.

I really love how these turned out.  Now I have a new gift idea for future 1st Holy Communions!


  1. These are lovely gifts and so much more personal since you created them yourself.

  2. Love your style! maybe we can follow each ohter?:X