Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thread Catcher Tutorial

I went to the Bay Area Sewing, Quilt and Craft Fair this week and I was so excited to check out all the machines and see what was new.  I got to try a long arm quilting machine, which was so fun!

And I bought a Big-Mat rotary cutting mat, which I love and badly needed because my old Fiskers mat was falling apart.
I had a great time, then I spied a scrap catcher.  It was so cute but expensive- $17!  I realized I wanted this, no I needed this-it was the answer to all my problems...well no, but I thought it was cool.  However, after buying my Big-Mat, I just couldn't shell out another $17 for something that I throw scraps in!  So I went home and looked at my fabric and this is what I came up with...

Here's how I did it.   
 Using a fat quarter and a piece of scrap material about 4" x 30".
 First I made a circle as a pattern for the bottom of the bag.  My circle was dependant on the width of my fabric about 5" in diameter.
 Then I cut a strip of material 4"x15", folded it in half and sewed the short side together to make a loop.  Ooh, see my Big-Mat-so nice!
 Then I pinned the circle to the loop and sewed them together.
Clipped the edges.
Then cut the second piece of material in the same way. The second piece will be the inside piece, it should be 2" wider so a 6"x15".
 This time instead of sewing a straight seam, you sew about 2" then leave 2" open and then sew 2" again.
 Then I got the thickest piece of interfacing available.  I only needed a bit, so I bought an 1/8 of a yard (It cost $1.12). I cut this into a 1" strip.


Then I put the pieces together.  The interfacing will be sandwiched at the RIM. The material that should be on the outside finished bag will be on the inside- wrong side facing the inside of the bag and the material that will be on the inside will be out the outside to sew with the wrong side facing out.  Sew the rim as close to the edge as you can.  Sew the interfacing right at the edge, but not on the interfacing, it should be exactly 1".  Turn the piece so the right sides are facing out.

Next, I started on the top, the portion that will sit on the desk.  I used my remaining material to cut two pieces about 5" each. Finish off one end of each strip, then overlap the finished ends.  Cut an additional piece 7" and sew the two overlapping pieces to this new strip (think pillow with overlapping back flaps).  Turn.  Cut a piece of interfacing to fit inside about 3 3/4" x 5"  insert it in the flaps.

Now we are ready for the pin cushion.  Cut a piece of material 5"x6" and fold in half lengthwise, cut a small slit about an 1" from the edge (I cut mine down the middle, but it was too hard to fill with rice). Fill with rice.  Sew up the raw slit. 

Sew the edge of the pin cushion to the top piece that will sit on the desk.   Sew the pieces together so that when you flip the pincushion over, it will cover all your seams.  

Here is the pincushion on the top piece with no seams showing.
Last step-the strap that holds the bag to the top/pin cushion.  Cut two pieces about 2"x6" sew together (leaving a space for turning) and turn.  Top stitch the strap to close up the hole for turning.

 Finally, cut two pieces of velcro the width of the strap.  I placed one at alternating ends of the strap.  One piece of velcro will be face down and will attach to the top piece.  The other peice of velcro will be face up and will attach to the cup.
I love how the inside material overlaps the outside! 
I just love it and I think it looks great in my craft space and my project only cost about 1.25!  I saved $15.75!!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fool's Gold

I have always enjoyed St. Patrick's Day and hearing the lore of Leprechauns.  I fondly remember a Leprechaun hunt with my nieces and nephews years ago and now that I have my own children, we have enjoyed setting traps to try to catch a leprechaun each year. 
This year we thought we would go after what Leprechauns most desire-gold.
 This week we went to the beach and collected a few rocks.  We were going for smooth, flat and round, of course, the tide came in and we grabbed whatever we could find.
 We brought the rocks home and spray painted them gold (still using my stash of gold spray paint).
 Then the kids wrote Gotcha and Not and Fooled Ya on a few rocks to throw the Leprechauns off. 

Now we just need to set the trap-stay tuned!
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