Favorite Things

I am not compensated in any way for these things (oh how I wish I was), they are just my favorite things that I use all the time.

Favorite Place to Shop:
SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California.
SCRAP breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to landfill every year.
SCRAP is located in an SFUSD (San Francisco Unified School Disrict) warehouse in the Bayview district of San Francisco at 801 Toland St.

Favorite Sewing Machine Brand
I am a totally loyal customer to Babylock sewing machines.  I sew on a Crafter's Choice (which is now the Tempo), Eclipse SX serger and an Ellure Plus embroidery Machine.  I had one of those Costco Brother machines and I thought I would go nuts trying to make it work.  When I upgraded with my crafter's choice, it was heaven.
BabyLock.com - Sewing Machines

Favorite Sewing Tools
OeSD Tear Away Hydrostick
See my thoughts on this beauty under product reviews.  Love it!

Favorite Tools:
Skil Rotary Cutter
My husband gave me this for Christmas and I just love, love, love it!  It cuts cardboard and linoleum and just about anything.
Image Detail
Fiskars Scissor Sharpener
I had a pair of scissors that I used for at least 20 years and I cut anything and everything with them, until it couldn't even cut construction paper; 4 swipes with this sharpener and they were as good as new!
Image Detail
Dremel Scroll Saw
This was a gift from my dad (if by gift you mean, ask to borrow it and never give it back).  I use this every chance I get and I just love it.  Recently I needed replacement blades so I went online to find them, I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the new version of the saw.


Cool Shot Glue Gun
For years I used a high temp glue gun and burned off most of my fingerprints.  Recently, I needed a new gun and decided to give the low temp a try.  I have been plesently surprised.  Not only did it come in my favorite color, but it is almost impossible to burn yourself, so this makes for a perfect tool for my kids to use.  The bond is tight and I wish I had tried this sooner.

Favorite Paper:
K&Company Official Online Store
I love the double-sided paper, I use it for so many things.

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