Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cataract Surgery

Oh how I love my dog!  She is such an amazing light in our family's life.  I had a post on her a few weeks back, we adopted her knowing she was blind and diabetic.  However since we have had her, she has undergone cataract surgery.  Now my once totally blind pup can see over 90% out of one eye and 100% out of the other!!!  I am so thankful to the Vets at Veterinary Vision in San Francisco.  Our little Razzie now has the most beautiful brown eyes and her sweet, spunky personality is coming through more and more each day.

Razzie Before-A little unsure of herself

Razzie After-The life of the Party!!
 Driving in the car
 Rolling around on the grass
Playing with the kids!
The surgery was so worth it, our Razzie is so full of life now and so happy!  She looks you right in the eye and follows you with her eyes-something she was never able to do before!   Bringing happiness to an animal can only be described as pure joy!

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