Sunday, January 22, 2012

Draft Dodger

I am not sure how much of a post this is, but it sure took a lot of my time.  In my quest for stopping all drafts in my house I am constantly adding weather stripping and the like.  Today, I was determined to stop the leak under the door that leads from our family room to our garage.  I bought one of those door bottoms and thought this was a simple installation.  I followed the easy directions and was proud until I tried to open the door and realize that it got stuck halfway open!!  It seems the door was cut at a slight angle and my door bottom would not fit.
Since I had no intention of taking off the door and trimming it, I decided to modify the door bottom. So I got out the scroll saw.

I trimmed the plastic down until it was just right.

Now it works like a charm. It really does stop the draft and my door can freely open and close!

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