Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kid's Post

My house is full of creative people, I thought I would share some of what my little one has been doing. He is 5 and has a thing for these wood puzzles from Michaels.
He numbers each slot and then goes to work. He needs very little help now but in the beginning, we took a lot of time figuring them out. 
Here are our tips:
1. If it doesn't fit, you have the wrong piece or the wrong side
2. There is a right side to the wood be sure the right side is always facing out
3. Make sure each piece is pushed completely in or it might throw the whole thing off.
3. There are very few mistakes with these and require little sanding, however "Glue is your friend!"   

Here is a small sample of his work, he has completed so many of these that we have lost count.  It is such joy watching him figure these out and complete each one.

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