Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Robot Quilt

Here is one of my unfinished projects that I finally finished!!  Sometime last year my son and I were fabric shopping and we found a great retro robot print.  We had to buy it, but we had no idea what we were going to make.  Eventually we settled on a quilt.  He designed it and chose all the colors and how the face would look.  He learned all about machine washable fabrics and how long it takes to make a quilt!
 I started it sometime last year when my son was still in pre-school and now he is halfway through Kindergarten.

The batting is actually two of his baby blankets, which made this quilt very thick.  I had the hardest time quilting it and lost my desire to finish it several times, which is why it took so long.

This is the inspiration fabric that started it all.  It is the backing of the quilt.

sew many ways

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