Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paper Wallet

Tonight I created a wallet for my friend's birthday.  Last month I found this really cute project on Martha Stewart however despite the video tutorial, my first wallet was awful. Then I read the comments and realized that some important info was missing.  So after a few tweaks, I figured out how to do it.   I made my own pattern which included a photo ID and a money pocket.  I made twelve wallets this Christmas for my nieces and nephews and I am totally please with how they turned out.  I use mine everyday.

I added a few little decorations before I put the vinyl on.

Here are a few examples I've made.  One of my favorites is the one made from Lego comic paper , it also has lego scrapbook paper on the inside.  I also included my custom cover I made for my datebook.  However, I forgot to add the wallet I use everyday, which is made from map paper, it is so cute.

Here are my tips:
1. Make sure you have a microtex needle or a jean needle
2. Use a non-stick foot (any plastic foot)
3. Sew on the plastic only not on the paper
4. Try to only sew one seam.  Place your pieces on the plastic and press firmly to have them stick together, then sew.
5. I used 8mm grade vinyl (the tissue paper with the orange printing).  On the photo id slot, I used a heavier vinyl.
6. I melted the seams using a silicone sheet to protect my iron-I think any pressing cloth would work.

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