Tuesday, March 20, 2012

12 for 2012

This weekend I stumbled upon a blog challenge on SewHooked to complete 12 UFOs in 12 Months .  UFO's are unfinished objects.
Although I am a little late in joining this group, this actually has been my goal since starting this blog in January.  So far I have 4 UFO's completed.
Over the next 9 months I hope to finish at least 9 of the following projects:
  1. Bathroom rugs-started in 2009
  2. Way to hide the heater register-started in January
  3. Kid's bathroom started in June 2011
  4. Quilt top started in 2007
  5. Emily's quilt started in 2009
  6. Hall Tree-Started in June 2011
  7. Kindergarten quilt
  8. Kids unfinished scrapbooks-started in 2004 and 2006
  9. Bookcase-started June 2011
  10. Birthday Gifts for niece and nephew
  11. Using my free paint from ACE
  12. Baseboards for office-supplies sitting in garage since July 2010
  13. Communion Dress!!! Due April 29
  14. Toddler bed transformation-supplies sitting in garage since 2010
  15. Gift Wrap Station-supplies gathered since 2010
  16. Thread holder-supplies gathered since Feb
  17. Bench cushion-supplies waiting since 2009
  18. Bar-half started since July 2010
  19. Kitchen cabinet-designed and waiting since July 2010
  20. Fix Family room curtains -not happy with them since 2010
  21. Fix office curtains-not happy with them since 2011
This is not my entire list, but to save myself from further embarrassment, I will stop here.  I have no hope of completing all of these projects-most are put off because I didn't like them!  However, I do hope to complete at least 9 because I really do like to finish things and it does feel good to check things off a list!
If you would like to join click here to see the initial announcement on SewHooked.

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