Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drawstring Bags

This weekend we went to the snow.  The kids were in need of snow goggles, but the ones we bought did not have pouches with them to keep them from getting scratched.  Not to worry-I live for problems like these!  Pulling from my material supply, I grabbed some soft flannel.
 To make an easy drawstring bag:
Cut a strip of material any desire you want, mine were 8" wide by 18" long.  See my tutorial on how to make a gift bag for the basic form. 
1. Fold the material in half so the fold will be the bottom of the bag.
2. Sew up the first side from bottom to top. 

3. Sew up the second side, but stop about 2" from the top.
4. Fold over the un-sewn side and sew to finish off the edge

5. Trim the seam down so the ribbon will not get stuck when you are threading the bag.

6. Using a safety pin, thread the ribbon and knot it leaving about 3" so you can open the bag.

I bought tiny carabineers to attach to my jacket.
 Scratch-free goggles!!

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  1. Your bags look so cute! I'm still planning on emailing you, it's just been a busy week at work.

  2. Neat idea! Thanks for following me and for your kind comments - have added your blog to my feed reader so I can keep up with what you are doing.