Sunday, March 4, 2012

Library Loans #3

To get a jump on  St. Patty's day crafts I found St. Patrick's Day Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!) by Carol Gnojewski.
Usually I am prepared to be underwhelmed by kids craft books.  The skill level is way too easy, there are few color pictures and the crafts seem a little uninspired.  This book was surprisingly better than I expected.  There is the painfully basic "how to make a shamrock" craft, and the weird, "let's make a bracelet out of tin foil and pipe cleaner craft", but then there are a couple "hey maybe we can do this together" crafts like the celtic designs (aka make your own spirograph), Bodhran (Irish drum) and Irish Lace hand fan.  The book is in full color and gives a nice history of each craft, including St. Patrick (come on-let's give the man some props)!
I say check it out!
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  1. How fun!!! I'm sure there are very few St. Patty's Day craft books out there.
    Loooooove your kitchen makeover, below. Kudos! : )