Monday, March 5, 2012

Never lose trimming scissors again! Quick Tip

I was constantly losing my trimming scissors while I was sewing.  I would have them in my hand one minute, put them down and then spend 3-4 minutes looking for them the next time they were needed.  This has gone one for years.  Finally, I came up with a solution, using my favorite material on the planet-ribbon!

 I attached the ribbon to the handle of my sewing machine and around one of the finger holes of the scissors, then I sewed the ribbon ends together.  I made sure it was long enough to reach the front so I can comfortably cut.  Now I can put my scissors down and I always find them.  I used this on both machines and the solution is working wonderfully.
I also attached my key that allows me to change my needle so I have it when I need it too.  I keep that in the back of the machine because I don't use it as often.

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