Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tourist in My Own Town

Now that Razzie our Golden Chow has joined our family I am going for walks everyday and to my delight I am rediscovering my town!  Today I took some pictures along our walk and I was struck by how much is around me!  I felt like a tourist, but realized that was what I needed, a sense of gratitude and awe at the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis. 
 When we parked the car, the red-wing blackbirds were chirping away and I noticed a few other shore birds playing in the stream that trickles into the ocean.  The fog was still hanging overhead.
 Here's my girl appreciating some public art!
 A sweet little snail was going about his day when Razzie ran by, it was clearly shocked (have you ever seen a shocked snail?) and pulled its antenna in, it regained its composure and kept on its merry way.  Of course Razzie had no clue it was even there!
 There were so many surfers out this morning, I didn't think the waves were very big, but every now and then something spectacular would happen!
 A hummingbird takes a little rest.
 I finally snapped a pic of one of those red-wing blackbirds.  This photo is untouched, those wings are really that red!
Having a dog in our lives has been so wonderful. It's getting me out of the house and into fresh air and new experiences.  I am surprised at how many people commented on my dog as we walked along; one woman stopped running just to chat for a few minutes!  She was with her rescue dog too!  I never would have had that experience without my little Razzie by my side.

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