Monday, March 12, 2012

Newest Member of our Family

Today I am so proud and happy to announce the newest member of my family-Razzie!

 Razzie is a Golden Retriever-Chow mix who was found by San Francisco Animal Control.  When she was turned over to the SFSPCA she was in bad shape.  She was very underweight from having puppies, she had a urinary tract infection, her lower incisors had been worn down from being in a cage and her vision is impaired due to cataracts, then it was discovered that she was diabetic.  Dogs like this usually don't make it to a stage where they can be adopted, but luckily for us the SFSPCA fell in love with her and nursed her back to health.  She was place in foster care where she was lovingly tended to for almost two months so she could eventually be adopted.
 Razzie has the sweetest personality and loves sitting on our laps or laying down by our feet.  She will gladly sleep next to us on the floor while we watch tv or at the foot of our bed while we sleep. 
She loves sitting in the front seat of the car or between the kids in the backseat and often won't get out of the car if the ride was too short!!
 Despite her vision impairment, Razzie has no problems getting around and even enjoys running on the beach.
Oh, and she's a total Daddy's Girl!

 We would like to thank the San Francisco SPCA for nursing our beautiful dog back to health.  If anyone out there is ever looking for a pet, please consider a shelter animal.  In such a short time, Razzie has brought us so much joy-we look forward to a long, happy life together!


  1. She is beautiful and so wonderful for you to find each other. I recently adopted a rescue dog, she is such a treasure.

  2. Goldens are great!!! All of ours have been total "love sponges".