Friday, March 23, 2012

Flights of Whimsy-Come stroll in my Garden

Come to my garden, its a really fun place
of flowers and whimsy-even- Queen Anne's lace
Come to my garden and stay for awhile
You'll find that it's small, BUT not short on style
Come to my garden and go through the pink door 
A new adventure awaits- as you look and explore
Come to my garden-you might spy a gnome or a fairy or two
But now that I have a dog, always check your shoe!

Ok, so poetry is not my thing, but it keeps me busy.  Yesterday I had two happy discoveries in the backyard.  First, I found a banana slug!  I couldn't believe it, I have never had one in my backyard before.  Next,  to my delight I notice my son's favorite flower popping out of the ground-the I Can't Remember flower!  My son was so sure this was the real name of forget-me-nots that this how we now refer to them.  I remember planting the seeds this summer and here they are, looking so cute. 

 I can see that they are being well tended by our gnome friend!

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  1. Ha ha, That was pretty good. I like your little mushrooms!