Sunday, March 18, 2012

Library Loans #5

Today's Book:
Home Decor A Sunset Design Guide by Kerrie L. Kelly
Writing book reviews is actually helping me put some of my own design likes into real words.  I am realizing now after looking at hundreds of books over the years, I tend to get tired of the generic "Let's see what your style is" books. I know my style and I want more of just that!  This book is a general book to help you find your style.  That said, however, there were more than a few pictures that made me stop and stare for awhile, but overall, I would not even be tempted to read a word.  Because this is a Sunset publication, you will probably recognize some of the pictures if you get the magazine or have been checking out design books for awhile.  It's not a bad book, but it didn't "do" it for me.
Call No: 747 Kel


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