Sunday, February 26, 2012

Library Loans #2

My next book is one of my favorites.  I have checked this out of the library more times than I can count.  I should just buy it, but I think that might take away the joy of looking for it (even though I know where it's stacked), checking it out, walking or driving home and excitedly waiting for quiet time to open it up!

Restore. Recycle. Repurpose. (Create a Beautiful Home) by Randy Florke

I just love the artful way this book is presented.  There are some helpful hints, but let's face it, I almost become illiterate when I open design books, I don't want to read, I want my senses to take over and evoke feelings.  I think art is just that way, you don't have to read the caption to find out if you like something, you look at it and you know.  This book covers all the basic rooms and the outside of the home.
Call No: 747 FLO
Check it out!

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