Saturday, February 18, 2012

Frame Project

One day last summer I was walking down the street in San Francisco with my friend and we came across a wood picture frame without the glass.  I remember seeing a post on that I thought would look good in my entryway and this seemed like it had some possibilities, so I picked it up.  We turned the corner and boom!-two more wood frames without the glass.  I knew I had a project.  Of course I had no idea that it would be February before I would see this project to fruition!   The wait was worth it though, I am really happy with how it turned out, although I think I have room for one more frame!
 So after I found a few frames, started looking in garage sales and goodwill for a few more and of course I scrounged the house for anything I could restyle.
 For Christmas I asked for gold spray paint and I got 6 cans!  I only used two, so there might be a few more gold projects in my future!
 After I had them all painted, I took measurements of each frame then plugged them into excel and made a little map of each one so I could move them around to see how I liked them.  I made a simple ratio so I could have the actual measurements of the frames and my space where they were going.

So if my frame was 13.5" x 34"  I made the size 1.35 x 3.4. I know I am a total nerd, but it was actually a lot easier for me to do this then to drag them from my garage into the house up the stairs and try to figure something out vertically that is at least 10' in the air.
Here is my huge empty wall over my front door
Since I had my printout of my excel map, I laid them out of the floor and made small adjustments where needed.  Then came the hard part, nailing them to the wall.  I worked up a serious sweat!  I have to admit, it was a little scary, the wall was just so high and the ladder seemed really wobbly and quite short!  Each frame was up and down the ladder twice, once for the nail, then once to put the frame on.  I had to wait for my husband to come home because I was too short for the top frame.

Now my entryway is almost complete, just a few more touches-stay tuned...

 My original inspiration from Gail at my repurposed Life:

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  1. awww, so happy I inspired you to do your own wall. Your frames look great! Isn't it fun to be on the hunt for something in particular?
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can, and linking to my blog with the inspiration.