Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Pennant

Feeling inspired by my favorite Valentine candy, I collected a few fabrics, these are actually my kids old crib sheets and a white pillow case, the orange was a fat quarter I had, and was a little bummed that I didn't have a peach color fabric-oh well, I'll make it work.
 I wanted to make a pennant garland, for my mantel, but instead of the pointed kind, I thought I would go with something rounded, so I made a little cardboard pattern and made 12 sides out of my my white pillow case.

Now came the fun part and I went back to my inspiration for suggestions.

 This is going to be an application, so I started by sandwiching the white fabric with stabilizer and the top application color in my embroidery hoop. 

 Once the heart and lettering were complete, I removed the stabilizer, then cut the excess top fabric away to reveal a candy heart!  I made six altogether.
Then I pulled out some bias tape and some green piping.
Added a little ruffle ribbon and I am done!

 There is still candy in the jars on day 3-I'm doing good so far only 9 more days!!

Somewhat Simple


  1. Cute pennant idea with the conversation hearts. I am so flattered that I inspired you to start your own blog. That means a lot. Congrats on Whimsy Space. ENJOY the JOURNEY! winks, jen

  2. These turned out really well, the candy hearts are adorable. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Hugs, g

  3. I am beyond impressed! I LOVE it all, but the banner is just too cute!