Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Fix to hide the mess

I had a small problem with my garage window, it was see through-imagine that!  All my junk was exposed to the neighborhood.  Well I'm sure there are some obvious solutions to this problem, right? 
My solution to this situation- a shower curtain.  It was opaque enough to not let people see in, but sheer enough to let in light in my dark garage during the day, sort of durable, something I don't have to worry about getting dirty and cheap. 

See that bar hanging down?  It is an old curtain rod hanging in the middle of the window!  I wanted to reuse the bar so I didn't have to buy a new one, no problem- I'll just unscrew it and use the hardware!  Well, it seems they were nailed on instead of screwed on-one blood blister later I got it out-anything to save a buck!  So after I cleaned it off because spiders had been partying on it for a few years it was good as new.
   I found an almond colored shower curtain at Target, which is nice because my house is kind of almond colored!  I sewed a huge hem and then I was ready to hang-oh but wait, another problem, there was a huge shelf in the way with tons of junk and more cobwebs than I can count, some with residents-eek!!!
 Finally, after doing battle with spiders and their webs and the broom and fan and all other sorts of junk- it looks so much better!
It even cleans up the inside of the garage too- well sort of!

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