Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Candy Heart Banner

Ok, I just can't get enough of candy hearts.  I am going to need a refill on my jar!  Today I wanted a little something for the back of my door.  I found these cute hearts online for free and I had to use them.  I kinda messed up on this one because my "Candy Hearts" is much bigger then the "always welcome", but the purple fabric was another scrap crib sheet and that was all I had, so it was just going to have to feel top heavy!
I added a little pink gingham for a border.

 That seemed a little too plain, so I added a little blue binding.  I wish I had thought this project out a little bit first because having a binding as an after thought equals a pretty lumpy binding. 
 I needed a way to hang my banner, so I added buttons and ribbon.
It's not quite how I wanted it to turn out, but I guess not every project is a homerun.  For now, it looks fine decorating the back of my front door.

Somewhat Simple

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