Friday, February 3, 2012

Whimsical Valentine Garland

I know the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, but it is nothing but spring around here.  My camellias took my breath away and I just had to snap a picture.
 I took out the Valentine stuff yesterday and realized I was pretty light on decorations, so I fired up the sewing machine!
 In my stash I had a bunch of hearts that I had cut out with the intention of an applique quilt, but it never happened...they are so cute, I thought a garland would be great.
 I laid all the hearts out and paired each pattern piece with a solid red heart.
I slipped ribbon in between and made a little ribbon-heart sandwich.
 I did a straight stitch to sew the hearts together.  I recommend starting at the point of the heart so that the center can be sewed continuously.
 A little whimsical garland!  Since it is double-sided, it is ok if they flop over and hang upside down.

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